Generation Rx Project (Gen Rx) Strategies:

  • Side Effect Theater Troupe
  • Rx Drop boxes
  • Medicine Safe
  • CaPI’s Online Parenting System
  • Prevention Parenting Classes
  • “MOM’S MY DEALER AND DOESN’T EVEN KNOW IT” Social Marketing Campaign

Side Effect Flyer 1c

Moms my Dealer PDF revised

OPS incentive

Prevention Parenting flyer March2016

Alcohol Prevention Project (APP) Strategies:

  • “Be the Wall” Social Marketing Campaign – “Be the Wall” is publicized  throughout the area through billboards, television, radio, websites, newspapers, facebook, twitter, schools, public    offices, and area events. Hear or read the phrase, and you’ve  got the basic steps of under-age alcohol prevention – “Be the Wall between Teens and Alcohol. Be firm. Be clear. Be consistent.
  • Administrative Sanctions – A local committee has organized to investigate the creation of an accountability court which would not only serve those with substance abuse issues but also our veterans who find themselves enmeshed in the criminal justice system and those defendants who need mental health services.  While this program will primarily follow the precepts and core principles of the drug court model, it will be adapted to work within the particular needs and challenges of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit.  The program will provide support for our veterans, mental health services for the mentally ill and substance abuse services for those with addictions.  Still in the early stages of planning, the ultimate goal is to restore these defendants to their proper place in the community and remove them from the criminal justice system.
  • Project SUCCESS – Project SUCCESS (Schools Using Coordinated Community Efforts to Strengthen Students) is designed to prevent and reduce substance use among students 12 to 18 years of age. Project SUCCESS is being used in middle schools for a broader range of high-risk students. The intervention includes four components: The series covers the following topics:
    • (1)  Being an adolescent
    • (2) the dangers of Alcohol, Tobacco, and other drugs,
    • (3) Relationships – Friends and family and,
    • (4) Skills for coping. project success



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