Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention


What’s the Big Deal about Rx Abuse/Misuse?

It’s fast becoming the most abused drug after alcohol and marijuana with the death count quickly rising – that’s a pretty big deal! Plus, it’s so easily available – you don’t even have to talk to a drug dealer to get it (in the beginning) – just visit Mom’s medicine cabinet – not to mention Grandma’s.

Below are links to videos and webpages which will help you better understand the Rx abuse/misuse issue …

VolkowThis video from 60 Minutes features Dr. Nora Volkow. I (Colleen) have had the privilege of hearing her speak a few times. She’s extremely knowledgeable. She believes (as many others do) that addiction is a disease. I, at this time (notice, I say “at this time” because I’m willing to change my mind based upon new insights), believe addiction is a self-inflicted disease. Once you inoculate yourself with the addiction disease, it’s very difficult to undo – and in my opinion becomes a disease in that it actually does change the brain and body. But, a believer in RECOVERY, I also feel it can be beat! I also believe it is much more difficult for some people to avoid drug addiction inoculation than others based upon their own experience of nature and nurture and their need to self-medicate. And NO ONE plans to become addicted. PREVENTION is key! COMPASSION is imperative!

You will see several videos and such listed here with Dr. Volkow because – well, she’s just so cool. And I wasn’t even aware of her historical ancestry!

What is your opinion concerning addiction as a disease?

CLICK the LINK to watch video –



Want to Know More?

Visit these Great Websites:




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