Be the Wall Yard Signs – How it works …


Display It!

Prom and graduation are right around the corner, so it’s time to really hit the bricks and remind our teens of the dangers of drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, there is usually a rise in the number of car accidents involving teens and alcohol surrounding these two celebratory events.  Become part of an army whose desired victory is to prevent underage alcohol related deaths or injuries, and show your resolve by displaying a “Be the Wall” yard sign at your home or office.

The signs will suddenly appear in yards all across Catoosa and Walker Counties when the CAP Initiative gives you the signal by email, text, or phone call that it’s time – right before particular events when our guard needs to be at its highest. When the event is over, it will be time to take the sign back into your house and store it safely until you are alerted again.  (How’s that for being green?)

We’ll also track our coverage of the county on an online map. Each yard sign location will be entered into the map data and marked by a pinpoint or bubble to aid in assessing where we lack coverage. We’ll put YOU on the map!

If you would like to participate, contact us, and we’ll make sure to put a yard sign in your hands. Or if you want to take a load of signs to your church or workplace, and help us disperse them, just let us know – that would make quick work of the job! Please email or call 706-935-5018. Brick by brick (or sign by sign), we’ll build that wall!


4 responses to “Be the Wall Yard Signs – How it works …

  1. How exciting!

  2. Great job Colleen! Excellent information in an organized and attractive format!!

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